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Louise C.,
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I have only been out of education for two years and so have vivid memories of working hard to get good grades. I was always disappointed whenever I got less than an A and couldn't work out why, which is why I wish I'd have had this book at my disposal back then!

There was always at least one subject that I hated as soon as I took my first class every semester, which is why the tips on getting A's in subjects you hate appeals to me!

The hints and tips in The Secrets Of Scoring A's are very simple, so much so that you will kick yourself for not realising that you could help yourself before now! This ebook is packed full of hints and tips that can really help you to improve your GPA.

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From The Desk of: George Tee

Dear Student,

FACT: You're here today because you truly believe that you can much better in your studies when you've the right mindset and study system.

FACT: Scoring 'A's is a skill you can acquire and master.

And whether you're a high school student, undergraduate or even a working professional, you're probably frustrated with the fact that your grades are not improving despite putting in lots of hard work.

If that's the case, this is going to be the most important letter you've ever read so far

Now, are you are facing these problems?

  • Unable to understand what the teachers are teaching.  

  • Unable to concentrate when you are studying.

  • Do not know how to apply the concepts you've learnt.

  • Do not have enough time to study for exams.

  • Unable to absorb or memorize the tons of information you have read.

  • Unsure of the demands of the test questions.

And many more...

Do you find them familiar? I feel ya. Those were the EXACT same problems that plagued and haunted me in the past! And I believe many students faced these problems as well.

And boy, was I glad I eliminated them early...

I wouldn't dare under-estimate your intelligence... but do you know that

Your study strategy determines your GRADES and it all it takes is a 'tweak' to either turn you into a staggering success in school or back into the depressing 'hardcore geek'?

If You Follow The Strategies Average Student Uses,
You Will Obtain An Average Grade.

I'm not trying to scare you...

I know you have spend great amount of valuable time, sweat, tears and perhaps even blood into your studies.

And hence, I felt that you need to know that if you are doing any of this

  • using flash cards so you can refer when you need
  • memorizing by reading again and again hoping everything will enter your brain
  • reading notes the normal way

That my friend, is not an effective study strategy...

Most students will ONLY MERELY get a 'C' using these strategies.

Look, I don't mean to be rude... but those methods do not work effectively with your brain.

Why is that so?

You had the wool pulled over your eyes all along thinking that those 'strategies' taught to you by some websites, parents and even teachers are effective... The truth is those 'strategies' have a flaw that most people are aware of...

If you even consider that the solution to good grades is purely based on hard work...

You have been missing the crux of Scoring As. So straight up, I am just going to reveal to you. Your magic bullet is to have 'Winning' and 'Tested-and-Proven' study strategies to compensate for your lack of good foundations.

Obviously, If You Want To Excel Your Exams,

You Should Be Looking For Someone Who Have Been Through The Process From 'F's To 'A's

Not Those Who Are Born Smart, Intelligent And Gifted!

What would all the professors, teachers and other smart people know about 'how to study' when they are so intelligent in the first place?

Take a look at my successes and failures.

My 'A' level result slip when I graduated from junior college.

You might think I'm a smart kid but I'm not.

Take a look at my results when I'm 15.

In fact, I hardly pass in high school. I was a absolute loser who failed many times.

If Anyone Were To Tell You That A Misfit Couldn't Be An 'A' Student, I Want You To Think Again!

There was once a boy who was neither smart nor hardworking. He loved playing computer games and as a result, he failed most of his examinations.

His High School days were the nightmares' of his life.

There were 3 deadly sins he made.

If an achiever was studious in paying attention to class, he did the exact opposite.

  1. SLEEPING in class was his routine.
  2. Playing computer games immediately after school was his #1 priority
  3. Hanging out at the video arcades till late at night.

His grades were always in the F' and E' range. He had to have one-to-one consultations with teachers. To make matters worst, he was even caught cheating once. His mum was so worried and furious the decision to send him to an overseas school was almost made.

What's next?

Did a miracle happen? Far from it!

It was by sheer force and luck that he scrapped through. He was forced to receive 'compulsive tutoring sessions' which miraculously pulled him through to a junior college.

Yet, his slightly below average grades did not grant him access to the top 5 colleges he selected. After much begging, he was given a place at a lower end college.

If there is ONE thing that SLAPPED him back to his senses, it was PAIN.

And it was during this crucial moment of his life that he made one out-of-his-mind' decision:

"I am going to score A's for all my subjects and prove to the colleges I can do it!"

That was the turning point. In the end, this boy managed to score A's for all his subjects.

To tell you the truth, this boy was actually me.

ALL THESE CAN BE ACHIEVE if you've the right mindset and learning strategies.

I could not have score 3 A's without learning how to learn FASTER and more EFFECTIVELY by using both my brain.

If I were to use the traditional method of studying, I wouldn't be able to catch up with the school syllabus. I would have to CRAM 48 hours each day in order to be in pace with my peers.

That would be suicidal.


I was taught how to use both my (left and right) brain when I study. Then it struck me... for from 'F's To 'A's, I would have to see myself as a GENIUS, and to use the effective and fun way that geniuses use.

In most education systems in the world, they are basically left brain dominated. Subjects such as Physics, Maths, English, Chemistry, Biology, Accounting, harness your left brain in in analyzing, logic thinking, understanding facts and systematic thinking.

 What happens to your right brain?

 Do you often tap your fingers when you are listening in class?

 Do you day dream when you are studying?

Right brain deals with stuff like creativity, emotions, music, imagination and holism. However, the education system requires little from the right brain. And as a result, our right brain often causes distractions because we are not utilizing it well.

How I Use My Left and Right Brain To Score As

The secret to learning faster and building a stronger foundation lies in using both your left brain and right brain. Once you have mastered the skills and strategies that fully utilize both your brain, you will find studying easy.

And more importantly, it will skyrocket your GRADES!


Here're What Some Of My Students Have To Say:

"The Strategies In Your Book Have Taught Me How to Study Effectively, And Now I'm Scoring A's On Average!"

Dear george,

I was so lucky to chance upon this book. Having spent hours of tuition sessions without seeing any results, I thought I was fated to be an under achiever in my life. However, the strategies in your book have taught me how to study effectively, and now I'm scoring A's on average! I will definitely recommend this book to my friends!

Rebecca Len

"I Wish I Had Known All That I Have Recently Learnt From You Before, Then My Life Of Studying Would Have Been So Much Easier."

Hi George,

Thank you for all your great efforts and fabulous ideas, they have been really helpful. I wish I had known all that I have recently learnt from you before, then my life of studying would have been so much easier. But thankfully your studying techniques came in good time. I hope you are well and keep in touch.

Many thanks,


Most of the students who came to me have very poor results initially. Because I was a kid who managed to turn my grades from 'F's to 'A's, many students who failed their exams often approach me for help.

Their results improved tremendously after applying the strategies and techniques I taught them.

Think logically and you'll realize the key reason to top students achieving excellent grades has NOTHING to with these reasons.

  1. They are extremely hardworking.
  2. They are smart and intelligent.
  3. They have tutors to coach them.

But it's because they have the right strategies and mindsets.

After extensive research of all these strategies, they are finally consolidated into 1 power-packed Manual.

The "Secrets Of Scoring 'A's" Manual.


The 2 core groups of strategies that will empower you to excel in your studies. Your aim is to develop and master these strategies and you'll be on your way to being a natural A+' student!

An effective system to set powerful life goals that will ignite you with enthusiasm to score A+. Goal-setting and planning are critical to the success of an A' student.

How to read faster and comprehend better with power reading strategies. Many students fall into the trap of the need to read slowly in order to comprehend more'.

Discover the difference in the mindsets and strategies between an average student and a top student. You will find out how is your mindset different from that of a top student and how you can model their thinking process.

The highly optimal whole brain revision method that taps on both sides of your brain and increases your brainís thinking power! This revolutionary method helps me to understand difficult concepts - Transform your brain into a powerful engine!

How to develop a photographic memory to memorize facts and figures (You can even remember the exact page). you will discover how to use your visualization and imagination to enhance your memory.

Time management skills for revision. Learn to take charge of your time more efficiently during revision. Learn how to prioritize your time in the exam for each question.

Simple routines to keep your mind awake and focused. Getting you in peak state during revision and maintaining the momentum is vital to a student's success.

The Secret Formula of Success - This is more important than any of the things you learn in class. I can guarantee this will help you to be more motivated and assist you to succeed in your academic as well as your whole life!

Essential skills to quickly dissect an exam question and analyze what's required in the answer. Learn what to include and what to leave out of your exam answers

How to organize the information you learnt in a structured manner. This has completely nothing to do with underlining notes or rewriting text books.

Learn think out of the box' thinking skills that are going to tremendously improve your problem-solving abilities. Simple techniques you can use during brainstorming and problem-solving sessions.

How to prepare for all kinds of exams beforehand such that you will know how to tackle 95% of the questions easily!. This strategy is extremely helpful when practising your exam questions easily. In fact, after using this strategy, you will find yourself answering questions like a pro.

How Did This Studying System Originate?

During my college days, due to my painful humiliation, I was determined to be among the top of my college.

My hunger to succeed spurs me in search of all the top scholars in the top colleges. I interviewed them one by one. Most of them gave a vague answer but a few of them were kind enough to share with me some of the strategies they used.

These Top Students Are Completely Different From The Average Students.

Top A' students have learning strategies similar to geniuses'. Both the left and right sides of the brain are fully utilized during the learning process which makes learning easier and more enjoyable.

I was totally amazed when I first learned about this. And decided to try it out myself

I modeled their strategies and my grades skyrocketed from E' to a B'. At the end of the year, all my grades were A's.

Imagine you possess the thinking skills of these geniuses, the way they think, how they question, even the way they look at things.

Within Secrets Of Scoring 'A's, you'll discover them...

Do You Possess The Engine That Consistently Drives You To Win The Race?


Round after round on the track. Every turn and every swerve is a matter of life and death.

Every car travels at their top speed trying to overtake one another. Only the most powerful engine has the highest chance to win the race.

The thinking skills we possess are like the engine of the car. The top students are equipped with the best engines that consistently help them win the race in the exams.

Do you have an engine in the first place?

Most students have always dreamt of scoring 'A's for their exams. That's why they never score well. Because they only dream and never take any action to make it a reality.

What Can You Go Out And Get For $27.70 Today?

When it comes to your education, the normal answer is not much.

1. At $35-50 or more per hour, you can approximately have 1.5-2hrs of tutoring session

2. You can buy more relevant resources (textbooks, notes etc) in the subject you are weak in

3. Or you could spend it all on entertainment as a form of relaxation and stress relief

And guess what?

All of these things will benefit you academically. (Just not very much)

The three options above can be considered as money SPENT . Once your funds run out, you get no more benefit. The same $27.70 put into Secrets of Scoring A's can be considered as money INVESTED .

Your one-time investment of $27.70 is nothing compared to the long term value of Mastering Accelerated Learning Skills .

It's nothing compared to the sense of accomplishment and fulfillment of being a straight A' student and have ALL courses in university opened to you.

It's nothing compared to having employees seeking for you after you've graduated from university with the highest possible qualifications.

Mature Graduate Student in Psychology, Open University, Milton Kenes in UK.


"The Focus On Secrets Of Learning Challenges The Way That You Think, Obtain, Classify And Retain Information.."

The most rewarding portion of the book for me is an explanation of how the brain learns; this is the key to how you yourself can tap into the brain’s potential for learning chunks of information in the best way that the brain can retain it.

The strategy of power reading has assisted me not only in my studies but also in a professional capacity.

Developing a critical attitude to the material is one of the aspects that were extremely helpful; it developed the process of both troubleshooting and problem solving.

The book notes on how to engage the whole brain when making effective notes further refined that skill.

Read the complete review here>>


If you're ready and willing, Secrets of Scoring A's will make you ABLE to succeed academically. And all these secrets would be right at your fingertips in the next 3 minutes!


This Book Is Not For You If You Are Not Serious About Scoring Well In Exams For Yourself.

If you...
  • are not willing to take responsibility for your grades in your exams.
  • want to continue to delaying your studies and homework.
  • are going to continue to give excuses and blame others for getting bad grades
  • are not willing to work towards better grades.
  • are not willing to open up yourself and learn new things.
  • think that study is useless.
  • think that study well is not a MUST.
  • think that you must be clever to do well in exams.

Then most probably scoring well for exams and getting A's is not what you want. If this disinterests you, you may leave this webpage now.

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Sun Tzu in the Art of War once said “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.

If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

Hence in this guide, you’ll learn...

What you should do to prepare yourself for exams on the very first day of school itself

A question and answer methodology that’ll allow you to identify what you and what you don’t know so that you can focus on your weak spots.

Simple techniques that will speed up your revision process by up to 30%

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Hence in this guide, you’ll learn...

proportion your time effectively such that you’ve sufficient time to tackle and answer every question in the exam

apply simple techniques to build confidence and momentum to tackle the more challenging questions in the paper itself

Adhere to simple guidelines that will make answering MCQ questions with more ease and confidence

Identify concepts and apply them relevantly in the Free Response Questions

Address essay based questions with relevancy and accuracy

Bonus 3 - Audio Program
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Stress ( $17 )

Stress can be a total nightmare for some students. But without stress, students don't feel the urge to study.

You'll learn how to effectively cope with stress - Making stress your friend rather than your foe.

You’ll discover...

How stress can affect your grades.

The 6 culprit that contribute to your stress.

How you can effectively cope with stress.

Bonus 4 - Audio Program
How To Feel Good And Positive
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Despite all the heavy work load that make you depress, you'll learn simple strategies that help you to stay positive.

You'll discover...

5 strategies to make you feel good and positive even in your worst days.

How feeling positive can help you score better results.

How to overcome limiting beliefs and emotions about study.

Bonus 5 - Audio Program
How To Do Well In Physics
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Physics can be a tough subject. With tons of formulae and concepts, it's a heavy subject students faced trouble understanding it.

You’ll learn...

The truth about physics.

Secrets behind how top students score well in physics Exposed.

Effective strategies behind solving physics questions
The basic mindset you need understand physics.

Bonus 6 -
Setting Goals ( $17 )

You'll be astonished to find out the power of goals.

You’ll discover...

How setting goals can help you achieve great results.

Discover the effective ways to set goals.

How successful people set their goals.

100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

Secrets of Scoring A's is backed by completely unsolicited testimonials. These testimonials wouldn't exist if Secrets of Scoring A's was in no way useful to them.

So I'm 100% sure it would work. And I want to give you the same opportunity to experience the excitement and triumph in learning and studying.

Grab a copy of Secrets of Scoring A's. If you don't agree that it can empower you with strategies to excel in your studies, simply send an email to me and I'll refund you on the spot within 60 days of your purchase.

That is to say, during your first 60 days review, if you're not completely satisfied, your investment will be refunded with no further questions asked.

You Need To Take Massive Action Now!

For $27.70, you'll get a step-by-step guide that has been utilized by many students to consistently get the A+ they deserve. You'll know exactly what actions to take to get you to your goal. Moreover, once you developed these skills, they are life skills which not only will help you in your studies but also your work when you enter society as working adults.

You've my personal guarantee that you'll start seeing a difference in your grades or your money will be promptly refunded.

You may use Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover to order via Clickbank. Clickbank is a secure ordering system that will give you immediate access to your e-Book. Please be ensured that I will NOT have access to any of your credit card information. I will only receive notice that you've made payment.



Yes George! I Want To Learn The Secrets Of Studying Now! For Only $27.70 I Just Have To Have This Incredible Package! Count Me In Right Now!

I can't wait to see my distinctions right before my very eyes. I want to discover all that you can teach me about how to improve my grades in less than three months and to uncover all the secret strategies and principles to creating excellent grades and results.

I understand that all this strategies and techniques is instantly actionable and you have showed the fastest path to obtaining an excellent grade. I understand that I have all the resources I need to achieve my goal of scoring A's for myself and I am ready to take massive action to ensure that I achieve my goal of doing so.

I also understand that I am backed my George's 100% money back guarantee. I get to learn, enjoy and apply all the studying secrets and strategies and if after 8 weeks (60 days) I feel that this program doesn't help me one bit to score excellent grades many times in value the cost of the ebook, I can get a full refund no questions asked. And I still get to keep the ebook!

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The entire program will be delivered digitally. You will be sent to a secure online download area to instantly download your program once payment has been authorized.

  • The Secrets Of Scoring A's Ebook is presented in an PDF ebook format. You will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader to view the ebook. If you don't have Acrobat Reader, you can download it for free here (opens in new window).

Don't you owe it to yourself to try "Secrets of Scoring A's: What The Tutors And Teachers Will Never Tell You today"?




P.S. : You’re 100% protected by my 60 days risk-free money-back guarantee. If after reading and test-driving “Secrets of Scoring ‘A’s” for the first 60 days and you see no immediate benefit – you can get a refund immediately by simply sending an email to me or Clickbank and Clickbank will refund you on the same day itself. No questions asked.

Hopefully my honesty will make you feel more secure about ordering from me. But if you’ve any queries, don’t hesitate to use the ‘Contact Me’ form below. I’ll reply to you within 24 hours.

All the best!

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