Your Strategies Determine Your Grades – Fruit Stall Theory

Posted on 29. May, 2007 by in Study Skills (general)

After learning the powerful studying strategies, I began thinking the difference between me and the average students.

Even before I learned these powerful strategies, my school had many different educators that came to motivate and teach us “how to excel” in exams.

Things like being consistency, using flash cards, study before we play, were taught to us.

I’m not saying some of these things are not effective, but the fact is I did not do well even I learned all these stuff.

You can say that it’s mainly my fault. I did not follow them at all. The motivation of doing well lasted only a few days and I’m back to my old habits of playing and have fun.

Another reason is some of these things are just not powerful enough to simulate the brain. Perhaps you can score ‘B’s by using the things but it’s not effective enough to help you excel.

Let me share with you this theory.

Let’s just say you are business owner and you are opening up a fruit stall. You wished to earn $1000 from it every month. If you open this fruit stall at a wet market, you should be able to earn this amount of money.

What if you want to earn $100,000 from fruit stall. Can you do that by opening this type of fruit stall?

Fruit Stall
Hardly… But is there any other ways to earn $100,000 from opening fruit stall?

Of course. However, you definitely can’t stick with the same strategy.

It’s an entirely new game.Businessman would probably need to think of ways like franchising the fruit stall out or set up a chain of fruit stalls. They may even need to advertise with hot-air balloons.

I don’t really know how but you get the idea.

Coming back to studies, if you just want to score a ‘B’s or a ‘C’s, just like opening up a fruit stall, you can just use lousy methods. But if you want to excel in your studies like a report card full of ‘A’s, it’s a completely new game.

You need powerful strategies that will shorten your learning curve, improve your efficiency, and motivates you to excel in your studies.

I’ll leave you to think about this. If you want to know about the powerful strategies, sign up for our email course at the right of this site.

I have prepared many useful strategies and things which students always overlooked.

So what are you waiting for?

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