By The Details: How I Excel In My Exams And Emerge Among The Top 53 Students

Posted on 12. Jun, 2007 by in exams, Study Skills (general)

After going through 2 years of junior college, I had a total different perspective about excel in exams. I don’t really need to be hardworking – I can still have fun, relax and still score distinctions. Here’s some details of what I went through.

  1. 7. It took me 7 months of hard work to improve my grades from C, D, E to A, A, A.
  2. 3.5. I spent an average of 3.5 hours to study daily. Sometimes I studied lesser and sometimes I studied more. (4 – 6 pm & 10:30pm to 12 pm)
  3. 1. I had 1 girlfriend during the 2 years and I talked to her every night from 9 pm to 10:30 pm. I would continue study after that if I’m not too tired. She came from the top 5 colleges while I’m not. Because of this, I had a tendency to work even harder.
  4. 1159. Sleeping time was around 11:59 pm. I can’t sleep too late when I’m in college because I’ve got to wake up at 6:15 am.
  5. 11. I had 11 books for 3 subjects (Maths, Physics, Chemistry). It includes the past year questions and textbooks but it does not include my notes.
  6. 13. I’ve completed a total of 13 papers for each subject from 13 different colleges before I went for my exams. I know it sounds crazy, but I was desperate to get distinctions for every single subject.
  7. 6. I was always with the same group of 6 friends. And amazingly, most of us scored full distinctions for our ‘A’ Level Examinations. Sticking with friends that will support you helps in your studies.
  8. Saturday – It’s one of the days I went out and have fun. Watching movie and playing games. “Work hard and play hard”.
  9. 10. Even 10 days before the teachers teach a new topic, I had already done the tutorials and look through the homework. I was never on a hurry to finish up my homework because I was 10 days ahead of everyone. That is also why I can have fun on Saturday.
  10. Sunday – It’s usually the time when I planned the week ahead. Plan what to study, what homework to complete, and what are things to revise.
  11. 7. I watched television from 7 pm to 8 pm after school. Sometimes I watched and study at the same time. It’s very unproductive.
  12. 8. I spent around 8 hours in school everyday. My school ended around 3pm (sometimes 4.30). There are several breaks in between. I usually spend the time doing tutorials and homework. That explains why I study so fast ahead of everyone else.
  13. 53. I was the top 53 students in my college when I’ve gotten back my final grades.
  14. 46. My average grades for my first tests were 46. I scored something like C, D, F. Some friends said I was quite good for my first tests.
  15. 90. I started revising all my subjects 90 days before my final exams. But mind you, it’s a bit too late to revise. I studied in a consistent basis and hence revision was a breeze to me.
  16. 11. I had a total of 11 notebooks, scrapbooks, organizers and planners. Around 3 Scrapbooks to draw Mindmaps for each of the 3 different subjects. I had 3 notebooks to write down all the notes. And I had around 5 organizers and planners.
  17. 0. I had 0 tuition teachers when I’m in college. If I don’t understand the concepts, I would ask the teachers.
  18. 5. I was 5 days behind schedule even I had planned my revision plans. Fortunately, I had allocated some days as buffer.
  19. 4. 4 things you can learn from reading this.
    1. Planning. I had 5 organizers and planners. Why do I buy so many if they are not important?
    2. Being consistent plays a big role. You can have fun and excel in your studies if you are consistent.
    3. Friends can make you or break you. Sticking with the right friends will help you in getting good grades.
    4. Having a relationship doesn’t necessary affect your studies.

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  2. nita

    16. Sep, 2007

    Thank you.These insights are truly priceless.

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  3. zarlish

    19. Sep, 2007

    I dont know why i am not studying well? Sometimes i even cry because i feel my self very helpless. Please help me out from this situation.I will be highly thankful to you.

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  4. rosina

    19. Sep, 2007

    i m the student of class intermediate. Your website is very awesome.Keep it up!

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  5. sue

    28. Aug, 2008

    this really helps..thanks a lot…i’m in tha same situation as zarlish..please help me..

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  6. shivanie samlall

    16. Jul, 2011

    thnx so much im printing this out as a guide

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  7. desperate2top

    09. Aug, 2011

    i study hard and often a lot of topics..but i dont understnd how to i have to go through each written word or just the summary of it?

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