How To Prepare Yourself For Exams

It is quite normal for anyone to feel a bit pressured while taking an exam. However, some students get so nervous during exams, that they oftentimes have a hard time focusing and recalling all the things they have studied. The result: they get failing marks. There are many factors which contribute to this nervousness, and one of them is inadequate preparation for the exam.

To prevent this from happening, a student must have effective methods in preparing for exams. Such methods will give you confidence that you have covered quite well all that you need to study, thus giving you a positive attitude when it comes to taking care of exams. Continue reading to learn a few helpful tips in preparing yourself for exams:

Tip #1: Preparing ahead of time

Usually, longer and more difficult exams are announced very early on. There is a reason for this: for the students to have sufficient time preparing for them. Never wait till the very day before the exam for you to review, for cramming never yields positive results. When you start reviewing your lessons as soon as the exams are announced, you’ll be able to cover more, giving you more self-assurance you’ll pass with flying colors.

Tip #2: Joining a study group

The good thing about a study group is that the workload may be divided into the members, and each one can share what the lesson is all about. This way, time and energy is saved, enabling you to cover a lot of things without spending too much time on each one of them. However, you must be wary of the study group you are joining. Make sure that each member is serious about preparing for the exams, and not just there to have fun or take it as an opportunity to have a bonding with friends.

Tip #3: Eating well and taking breaks

Proper nourishment will help make the brain more receptive, making your exam preparation more effective. That is why, throughout your reviewing, you should eat a well-balanced diet. Stay away from coffee and other beverages with caffeine in them if you want to get energized. While it is true they will give you a sudden burst of attentiveness, it doesn’t last long and may just make you have a hard time focusing all the more. Instead, drink plenty of water or fruit juice and take a short break, by either doing some walking or stretching exercises.

Tip #4: Minding how you memorize

There are several techniques students like yourself swear by in memorization easier for them. Never underestimate the power of taking down notes, especially keywords. Say into your own words sentences and paragraphs to make sure you have fully understood what they are trying to say. Recall what you have studied every now and then to ensure everything is retained in your memory.

Have a good night’s sleep on the night before the exam. Wake up early the next day, have a shower, light breakfast and prepare everything you need to bring to school for the exam. With adequate preparation, you will not find it hard getting high scores.

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  1. Francesca Summers

    18. Sep, 2010

    These tips are really great I had C’s and now I have got B’s and even A’s

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  2. vikram

    22. Oct, 2010

    i need exam tips

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    • helan mercy

      20. Aug, 2011

      take a deep breath vikram. stay calm.leave the rest to god

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  3. Shazia

    21. Dec, 2010

    I want to study well.I love to study but sometimes i get bored and i take a break and i just dont study after that.

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  4. riya

    23. Jan, 2011

    i like to study but every time when i sit for studiying my mid is rest less

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    • aditya

      05. Jul, 2011

      dont take tension because u know u will have to boost urself

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  5. Name (required)

    02. Mar, 2011

    tips r good i need it for engineering exams

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  6. nida

    15. Apr, 2011

    how much ever i study i get nervous while writting exam and get less marks can you suggest some ways how could i improve i my studies…….

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  7. rajasekhar

    20. Aug, 2011

    i want to study with enjoyment.

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  8. rajasekhar

    20. Aug, 2011

    i want to get good rank in my university level .

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  9. aniket roy

    26. Aug, 2011

    tips are gud, but i have really less time nd my maths syllabus is incomplete, what will i do?? Somebody help

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  10. khushi lambke

    11. Sep, 2011


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    • Omo

      13. Mar, 2012

      Maths is simple, try and learn the basis of the topics and not the answers

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  11. maliha

    17. Sep, 2011

    reelllli very good tips nd yeah thnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :ppppppppppppppp :DDDDDD

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  12. upendra.a.j

    24. Sep, 2011

    how much ever i study i get nervous while writting exam and get less marks can you suggest some ways how could i improve i my studies…….and how to study daily…???

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  13. Anaba michael

    09. Oct, 2011

    What are the main topics under all the subjects does one has to read inorder to pas b.e.c.e

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  14. Rohit

    07. Nov, 2011

    i was 1ce a rank holder n district topper in my 10th n diploma..but now i dono wats wrong wit me..? I ve back locks..n m not able 2 regain my old position.

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  15. Rohit

    07. Nov, 2011

    i was 1ce a rank holder n district topper in my 10th n diploma..later i lost my position to others.. I ve back locks..wats wrong wit me..? m not able 2 regain my old position…

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  16. Ruthes

    03. Dec, 2011

    Thank u but to jst add in you must always revise

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  17. Adeyemi Elizabeth

    11. Feb, 2012

    Mr. George, you are just too good. I would like u to be my mentor cos i need one.

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