How You Can Improve Your Concentration With 7 Easy Steps

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The power of concentration is a skill that is easy to master, that is if you have the willpower to do so.

“If there is a will, there is a way” according to one saying, the same goes with concentration. Popular television newscaster and personality Diane Sawyer was once asked about her secret to professional success. Her response was that paying attention was her secret.

The question therefore remains, “How does one basically maintain focus and concentration?”

The following are helpful tips to improve your ability to concentrate in the best way possible. These suggestions apply whether you are in the office busy with work, school, business meeting, or if you are trying to finish a particular project.

1. Do five more

There are actually two types of persons in the world: those who know how to go through in eliminating frustration and those who wish they are able to work through it.

Focus and concentrate in doing just five more things. This sort of mantra is best said when you feel like giving up.

    For instance, if you feel like you no longer want to read or write any more pages, tell yourself to do just five pages more. Finish just five more math questions. Stay five minutes more on the treadmill. Take note that athletes build their own physical prowess by pushing their bodies to the point of exhaustion while they develop mental stamina.

2. Take one step at one time

There are instances when you feel like your mind is loaded with many ideas like that of a scatterbrain. The key is to control your brain.

Rather worrying on many matters, prioritize tasks and do only those that are needed.

For instance, you cannot help but think of mounting debt problems and this causes you to lose focus on the presentation that you need to do in five minutes. Tell your mind that you will think of ways to pay off your bills after your presentation. Your mind will then establish closure and allow you to focus on the presentation.

3. Train yourself to have a tunnel vision

You could actually cup your hands around your own eyes. This could serve as a trigger to tell your mind to focus on a particular responsibility.

For example, you are in a room and you need to study but there are many things prevent you from concentrating. Cupping your own hands around your own eyes could help your brain to switch to focus mode and keep it on its track.

4. Have a handy pad

When a thought pops inside your head and this causes you to lose focus, jot down this thought immediately.

Writing it down is an effective way to get it out of your mind. After which, consciously focus on the task that you need to accomplish at the moment.

5. Have a break

Remember that you are not a machine. You need to take a break to be able to focus on the task that you have to do.

Taking breaks is a good way to break down the tasks into parts that are a lot more manageable. You may take a walk outside or eat lunch out.

6. Record your start and end time

When doing work, try to record the time you began and the time when you mind begins to drift.

Doing so helps you know just how much time you spent doing actual work and the time when you start losing your concentration. Being aware leads to enlightenment.

7. Vary your activities

It is advisable to vary the activities you do in order to keep your mind active and not bored.

    A bored mind will just easily float and drift away to oblivion.

All in all, these activities and tips need to be practiced regularly to be able to concentrate and focus in the things that really matters most for you.

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