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5 Simple Hacks to Improve Your Memory

Posted on02. Jan, 2008 by .


Everyday we are constantly bombarded with tons of television commercials products that promise to help improve our memory, be it a brand of milk with “special” ingredients or daily consumption of vitamin supplements to boost the brain’s memory. However, it’s always a question to the effectiveness of these commercials gimmicks. The truth is it’s the […]

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The 3 Types Of Learning Process To Help You Understand How To Learn Effectively

Posted on30. Dec, 2007 by .


It is possible for you to accelerate your learning if you want to, you know that don’t you? Not besides helping yourself to learn faster, you can help others as well. Whether you’re a trainer, a coach, or even a parent, this can be invaluable for you. Everyone processes information differently -We all learn differently. […]

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Express Yourself in Five Easy Ways

Posted on18. Jul, 2007 by .


Most of us find it hard to express our feelings, because voicing out what we feel is difficult for most. Oftentimes, when we try to say what we want to say, we end up being tongue-tied, misunderstood, or worse, we end up saying the wrong thing. So instead of risking  exposing ourselves to humiliation or […]

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11 Things Students Do To Get Back At Teachers

Posted on27. Jun, 2007 by .


All of these were sent to me in one of my emails by a student. It’s made by different students. Take a break from studies and have a laugh.

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How to Make Friends in a New School

Posted on24. Jun, 2007 by .


One of the scariest things for a student may be transferring to a new school. Nothing can be worse than walking alone in the campus while everyone seems to already know each other and gather in packs. Together with the new environment, you have to deal with academics, extra-curricular activities, teachers, and lone weekends. If […]

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College 101: How to Deal with a Noisy Roommate

Posted on04. Jun, 2007 by .


You’re finally living independently in college and it’s been a few months since you left the confines of your home and constant parent supervision, in exchange for a room shared with another seemingly acceptable character. The excitement of living alone and being your own boss has died down after all the fun and exploration; and […]

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