College 101: How to Deal with a Noisy Roommate

Posted on 04. Jun, 2007 by in College Life

You’re finally living independently in college and it’s been a few months since you left the confines of your home and constant parent supervision, in exchange for a room shared with another seemingly acceptable character. The excitement of living alone and being your own boss has died down after all the fun and exploration; and you finally decide to settle down and focus on your academics, which are the main reason why you’re living away from home anyway.

You, then, realize your roommate wasn’t as cool as he used to be. He seems to be getting on your nerves these past several days. He can’t seem to stop talking to you when you’re studying, or plays his mp3s out loud when you’re trying to sleep before an exam. Despite the initial advantages of splitting expenses and having a constant buddy around, the annoyance of his noisy nature is beginning to take its toll. You realize that you have to deal with it before the situation becomes unlivable.

Here are some tips on how to deal with a noisy roommate.

  1. Communicate. He may not realize that he’s noisy or disrupting your school priorities. Give instances when his loud nature prevents you from focusing and talk to him as a friend and not in a threatening-manner. Keep your tone firm but friendly.
  1. Set rules. Create rules that benefit both of you. Be specific but do not exaggerate ideas which will only make the rules hard to comply with. Set personal living space for allowable sounds so both of you can adjust your noise to a manageable and bearable level with each other. All notices must be agreed upon by you and your roommate.
  1. Use gadgets. Earplugs or soft music may help eliminate his noise from reaching your space. However, these things must not be used as an escape from unwanted noise for the long-term. Consistently emphasize the need for quiet if things get loud again.
  1. Talk to authorized personnel. Most dormitories and boarding houses implement rules in minimizing noise too; so you can voice out your concerns to authorities, so that they can directly discuss the matter with your roommate. This makes confrontation less personal if you’re not the one directing the matter to him.
  1. Stay calm. If things still do not work properly and the noise still disrupts you from effectively doing your priorities, confront your roommate. Be firm and understanding at the same time. Never retaliate by creating your own ruckus while he’s concentrating, and never react angrily, as this will only worsen the problem. Tell him how more it is becoming difficult for you to tolerate his noise level.
  1. Leave. If no other choice is left undone and you still cannot bear the noise, it may be time for either one of you to go. Just make sure that he is the only one disrupting you in the first place. Sometimes, asking your roommate to transfer may lead to future problems in relationships, especially if the two of you have become friends. So if you can handle it, it might be better if you be the one to look for another place with someone who equally loves calm and quiet.

Living alone in college will expose you to a variety of places, situations and most of all, people. You just have to learn how to cope and deal with the different kinds to make yourself ready and assertive in the real world.

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