Accelerated Learning

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You may have heard accounts of children doing exceptionally well in high level academics studies. You may also heard children entering top university in the world at age 8 ,9 or 10.

It may sound impossible or crazy at first. You must be wondering if they are genius, whether they are talented or gifted. This is where Accelerated Learning comes in.

Accelerated Learning is a term coined to describe a series of ways to learn anything about any subject. This system of learning is based on the premise that anyone can learn anything, and tackles the idea of how to learn the actual process of learning, rather than how to learn only.

Accelerated learning is formed from a range of studies including how our brain works, what triggers our motivation and attention and what theory of intelligence and psychology of optimal performance may be applied.

Accelerated learning may sound like a tool that only the best of the brains can mastered. In fact, accelerated learning is easy to learn and master. Its methods are simplified in the following:

1. Create a positive and motivating environment for the children. Place motivating and encouraging posters, music and even positive historical figures in this environment. Do not put distracting things like games, computers.

2. Encourage positive feedbacks in any situations.

3. Have a habit to have discussion on accelerated learning, especially on new ideas and strategies.

4. Involve learners in the following: challenge their thinking, provide them case studies, and pose hypothetical problems for them to assess.

5. Teach learners how to handle challenges and the different ways of widening their understanding of situations

6. Always provide space for a meaningful discussion and constructive thinking.

7. Reflect on the things the learners have learned and how they can be applied in real life.

Accelerated learning is not only limited to children only. Adults can also master this skill. Research diligently on this subject and in no time you are on your way to the master of accelerated learning.

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