Foods That Help Improve Memory

Eating a well-balanced meal is the key to making sure that the brain gets enough of all the nutrients it needs for improved functioning. However, studies have shown that there are certain foods that are great in helping improve the memory. As a student, you know very well how having good memory contribute to getting high grades during exams and recitations. The following are some foods that can help improve your memory, making your studying more fruitful:

Apples – Apples have this particular antioxidant called querceti, which is revealed by certain studies to help prevent Alzheimer’s disease. More so, it is also found out to help boost your memory. While this antioxidant is also found in the flesh of the apple, it is more concentrated on the skin. So skip peeling your apple the next time you’re planning on munching on it.

Spinach – Spinach most probably not only made Popeye very strong, but also must have augmented his brain functioning. A study found out that laboratory rats regularly fed with spinach prevented and even reversed memory loss, thus they were able to score top at the maze and other tests. A cup of cooked spinach will yield just about the right amount of your daily folic acid need, a nutrient believed to prevent age-related memory loss.

Chocolate – Chocolate not only makes people feel like they’re in love because of a serotonin boost, but it also makes them remember things much better. This is because chocolate contains epicatechin, which is found out to help improve blood flow to the brain, thus improving memory function. Aside from that, most chocolate contain caffeine, which makes you alert, making you study more effectively and retain as much information as you can. However, don’t eat too much of chocolates as they contains lots of sugar and may make you fat.

Soy Milk – Soy milk is rich in choline, lecithin and isoflavones – potent natural antioxidants that are good for fighting off cancers and improving brain functioning. While other milk sources may give you all the vitamins and minerals you need, soy milk will give you all the isoflavones you need to boost your memory. Other soy foods like tofu and bean curd also work as great as soy milk.

Legumes – Kidney beans, chick peas, lentils and other legumes are rich in folic acid, which is a very essential nutrient especially among growing fetuses and infants for proper brain development. For you, as a student, folic acid will give you brain power so that you can ace your exams more easily. Legumes, by the way, are also a great source of protein, which contributes to the smooth and normal functioning of the brain.

Nuts – While studying, munching on cashews, peanuts, walnuts or pecans will help you retain much of what you are reading. This is because nuts are a good source of omega fatty acids, which is the primary component of a normally functioning brain. Also, they are rich in iron, which helps in carrying oxygen in the blood. With sufficient oxygen in the blood, fresh oxygen is supplied to the brain, so you stay alert and your memory is enhanced.

Onions – In India, onions are a popular folk medicine to help in boosting memory for many years now. Not only will onions give your favorite dishes some zest, but will also give you the edge you need when studying. This is because onions, especially the red variant, contain anthocyanin and quercetin, which is good from preventing Alzheimer’s disease and improve one’s memory.

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    03. Mar, 2012

    Then what is the use of honey to brain developement?

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