11 Things Students Do To Get Back At Teachers

Posted on 27. Jun, 2007 by in College Life, Humor

All of these were sent to me in one of my emails by a student. It’s made by different students. Take a break from studies and have a laugh.

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  1. Jun

    01. Jul, 2007


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  2. jayasynan

    27. Oct, 2007

    its funny
    lol i ws laughing

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  3. Virginia

    03. Jan, 2008

    i love it! it’s so funny!!!
    anyone would surely laugh their hearts out with this
    (and anyone who wouldn’t really need to see a psychiatrist! haha!)

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  4. keriel

    16. Nov, 2008

    well.. its no funny, sometimes they all just same as me..

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  5. Catherine

    06. Dec, 2011

    hahaha lol those r funny! if i did that 2 my math teacher she wud hav a heart attack! haha lol

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