How to Concentrate and Stay Focus

Posted on 13. Dec, 2007 by in Concentration, Self Improvement

To excel in anything you do, you need to have concentration and focus. In order to do that, you need to learn to concentrate and focus.

Before that, what is concentration? Concentration is the deep mental application towards
something. In other words, when you are concentrating, you are giving your 100% attention to doing that thing.

Then you may ask me the difference between concentration and focus is?

Focus would be the level of concentration you practice at something. Put in simpler terms, you may be concentrating, but it does not imply that you are focusing. It also means that if you have an interest in that subject and divert all your available concentration on it, it can be said that you are focused.

So how do you learn to focus (meaning you improve the level of your concentration)?

First of all, you have to admit and confess that there are 2 types of people in the world. One of them could be the type where he has the ability to control the emotion of frustration and the other type is the opposite. If you think you are the second type, you can definitely do more that what you think you can do. You just have to persevere and push yourself to develop the mental ability to last through beyond the point of frustration. In no time, you will develop mental endurance.

Next, for those who have the tendency to become scatterbrained, do one task at a time but have time limits. This can help your mind to set priority and focus on doing the more important things first.

Third, if you still can’t seem to focus, write down your concerns on a to-do list. This allows you to free some space in your mind for immediate concerns, rather than use your mind as a bulletin board.

Finally, you must have the power to overcome yourself. In other words, you need to overcome procrastination. To do that, ask yourself the following 3 questions: Will I feel at ease if I postpone this task? Will this task be more enjoyable and easier if I postpone it? What are the consequences of postponing it? By truthfully and honestly answering these questions, you immediately gain the will and power to strive yourself forward to accomplishing this task.

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  1. Virginia

    03. Jan, 2008

    i am a procrastinator, and i believe the 3 questions would really be a big help with my “rehab”, i hope i’ll be able to do it this time… thanks!

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